A Deep Dive Inside Trov's White-Label Renters Insurance Application

Today, we’re ecstatic to finally share the details of our end-to-end white-label renters insurance application that launched this week with Lloyds Banking Group and the Halifax brand. To learn more about what this means for Trov’s journey as a world-leading insurtech company, take a peek at our CEO blog with Scott Walchek. In this post, I’m going to focus on the fine detail and look under the hood of our white-label application, powered by the Trov Insurance Technology platform. There’s a lot to get through, so I’ve split up this post into three sections, first, we’ll take a brief look at the Halifax Renters Insurance application, that is now live. Then I’ll get into detail on the consumer experience side of our white-label platform and close out with the back-office business tools that enable it. Let’s dive in!

Introducing Halifax Renters Insurance, Powered by Trov

As of this week, renters in the UK can access a new insurance application designed for their unique needs. Trov and Lloyds Banking Group collaborated to tackle an emerging opportunity in the UK in that the renters market is growing rapidly due to soaring property prices, but there isn’t an insurance solution available specifically to meet the needs of this population. Meaning, there are only modified home contents policies with high limits, not relevant for most renters, and the experience isn’t fully optimized for the needs of today’s digital consumer.

02 Halifax Intro

Thanks to our collaboration, Halifax now has a fully digital insurance experience, specially designed for the needs of today’s renter. Halifax Renters Insurance, powered by Trov, has a fraction of the number of questions compared to existing home contents insurance products, and policies can be purchased in less than half the time.

03 Optimizations2

When compared to other juicy new insurtech renters products globally, the Powered by Trov renters solution gets the consumer to a quote over four times faster (~22 seconds v. ~95 seconds).

What Makes Halifax Renters Insurance So Different?

It’s great if policies can be purchased quickly and easily, but that is really just a small part of the innovation our technology has broought to the user experience. The purchase experience is composed of two core elements: Base Monthly Subscription + On-demand Insurance for Individual items.

04 Halifax Hero2

The base monthly subscription covers perils in your home and works a little bit like Netflix, Spotify or another subscription service whereby you pay a low monthly fee that can be canceled at any time. This gives renters the peace of mind that they’re protected and also the flexibility to adjust their insurance as needs change.

What makes this product particularly unique is the ability to add single items to the policy on-demand. For those valuable items people might take out of their homes, they can easily turn insurance ON or OFF at anytime with zero interaction with an agent. The policy is immediately adjusted, down to the second and rolled into a convenient monthly bill.

We’ve also introduced an entirely new claims experience, designed with the user at the centre. Claims are fully digital and easy to submit from a mobile device. Customers’ policies are automatically linked to claims, so no need to manually add details about a policy. Furthermore, a live link is created that the customer can access at any time to see the status of their claim, communicate and share any photos or documentation, and receive a payout straight to their bank account.

05 Halifax Claims

In addition to the consumer experience, Trov has also provided Lloyds Banking Group with a complete suite of back-office business tools to support the application. More to come on that below…

White-Label Renters Insurance, Powered by Trov

The Trov Insurance Technology platform is highly flexible and can power several different types of insurance, from Renters to Auto and Small Business. Today, however, I’d like to showcase the features and benefits of the white-label application for Renters and how it can be configured to meet the needs of insurance companies, banks, and other financial institutions around the world.

07 Renters Intro

Most of the primary elements seen in the Halifax Renters Insurance application can be white-labeled and are entirely configurable for the needs of a particular company and market. This includes configuration of brand, perils, cover limits, price & term, add-ons, claims and more.

08 Renters Components


Applications Powered by Trov are fully customizable to particular brands and markets. Whether it’s colour, copy or language, we can make the experience fit with the style and requirements of different companies and markets.

White Label Animation 720

CONFIGURE Perils, Limits, Price & Term

The key aspects of the insurance policy can be easily configured to suit the needs of a particular market, whether that’s the addition of a new type of peril, like earthquake cover, or increasing (or decreasing) the limits for general liability. The risk factors associated with each peril can be plugged into our pricing engine and the quote is conveniently updated. The duration of the coverage can be configured to be a year, month, week, day, an hour or even a few minutes (or seconds!) if desired. Trov’s flexible, configurable platform makes it easy to create a digital insurance solution that fits the needs of the market.

09 Quote

CONFIGURE Add-Ons, Policy, and Account

To give customers even more flexibility and convenience, we’ve created a platform whereby specialized add-on coverages can be added to a policy with no interaction from an agent. For renters insurance, this takes the form of a simple inventory of the most valuable items a customer might have. As each item is added or removed from the policy, the premium is automatically updated.

10 Anywhere Cover

These add-on items can then be conveniently managed from the web-based account, whether the customer would simply like to see what’s covered, turn off coverage for an item or add a new item.

11 Mid Term Adjustments

Once a customer creates an account, they can manage everything related to their policy conveniently from their phone or laptop. This includes updating policy details (such as address, limits, etc), making a claim or canceling the policy.

12 Policy View


For many insurance companies, the consumer claims experience is little more than a telephone number or simple form. We’ve created a customer claims experience that is unlike any other on the market. It does much more than just FNOL (first notice of loss), but effectively addresses three core needs for the customer:

Claim Submission (FNOL) → Claim Communication & Status → Claim Settlement

All three of these elements can be configured based on the needs of the company and the customer.

13 Claims Components2

All FNOL questions and requirements can be easily ordered with conditional logic. This is done by creating a selection of “tasks” for the customer to complete, based on the type of claim. These tasks can be done either at first notice of loss, or during the claims processing period. Both the customer and the agent can log in to see the live status of the claim at any time.

The claim can be accepted or rejected within the system and the preferred settlement method can be configured. From a customer point of view, this is the final piece of our “end-to-end” system that extends from policy purchase, through policy management to claim submission and settlement. Though this is just the tip of the iceberg with respect to the Trov platform’s robustness. Let’s keep going under the hood and look at the back-office business tools.

Back-Office Business Tools, Powered by Trov

Trov brings companies everything they need to effectively launch and manage an innovative insurance product. Included in these core back-office tools are Customer Manager, Claims Manager and Analytics. We also include an Administration function that enables team permissions, management of pricing files and policy versioning.

14 Business Tools

Trov Customer Manager

The Trov Customer Manager is a CRM for our insurance applications. It allows agents to easily view and access information about customers, including tenure, policies, claims and more.

15 Customer Manager

Within the individual customer view, agents can see specific policy and coverage information. They can add notes to track history and collaborate with other team members. Agents can also act on behalf of a customer to manage and adjust policies.

16 Customer Managerb

Trov Claims Manager

The Trov Claims Manager looks very similar for both the customer and for the agent. This is intentional, to offer as much transparency as possible with respect to the process. It also helps greatly when an agent’s view looks similar to the customer view in the event support is needed. There is a lot to tell about our Claims Manager product, so we’ll save that for a future post, but I’ll give a brief overview here.

17 Claims Manager

With Trov Claims Manager, agents can easily add new tasks into a workflow, depending on the type of claim and product. This workflow begins with the FNOL and then carries on through to the time that a claim would be approved or rejected.

18 Claims Manager

The agent can click into a customer’s claim and get full visibility to the coverages and limits associated with that claim, and they can then trigger payment directly into a customer’s bank account. Much more to come on this…

Trov Analytics

As part of our end-to-end solution, Trov offers a full analytics suite to ensure success after launch. Our analytics solution is split into two groupings, financial reporting, and behavioral insights.

As a foundation, we provide direct feeds of policy, premium and claims data that are ingested into existing enterprise systems. We also create dashboards that conveniently organize and display this information for the teams. The second type of analytics is related to behavioral insights. This includes funnel conversion analysis, correlation insights, and surveys, including user satisfaction and NPS (Net Promoter Score). Our aim is to enable companies to not only launch great insurance applications but also improve them over time and have sustainable competitive advantage in the market.

19 Analytics

What’s next?

The team at Trov has been working hard to put all of these pieces together and we’re so excited to finally share the application more widely. Renters insurance is just one of many P&C insurance applications we will be launching for customers around the globe. Trov’s applications are “end-to-end,” meaning that we provide all the technology required to launch and manage an innovative, digital insurance application. This can be entirely independent of existing tech stack, and be strategically integrated at key touchpoints.

If you’d like to learn more about our renters insurance application or other opportunities, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at business@trov.com.