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Embedded Digital Insurance Products Trov enables companies to easily embed digital insurance products within their own branded experiences. By providing a modern, seamless, and all-digital experience we allow companies to generate recurring revenue, increase customer loyalty, and improve retention. The Fall Edition - See what we've been up to It is that time of year when we naturally look back on the year, and at the same time, begin to look towards a new year and what's next. Here at Trov, we continue to develop new products to make it easy for companies to provide Embedded Insurance Products to their customers. Read on to see what we have been up to the last few months. Partner Profile: Ideal Flatmate At Trov, we work with many companies that are shaking up industries and challenging the norm. We’re delighted to work with and profile our 3rd in a series of partners taking advantage of Trov’s embedded insurance technology.  Study Reveals UK Renter’s Views on Contents Insurance Recently Trōv partnered with The Tenants Voice, UK’s largest tenant community, to conduct a study on the behaviors of UK renters and their perspective on contents insurance. Partner Profile: OpenBrix We are excited to profile OpenBrix, a modern UK property platform and the 2nd in a series of companies taking advantage of Trov’s embedded insurance technology. Introducing Today, we’re excited to announce the first public release of, our central resource all about how to easily launch embedded insurance products using the Trov API and UX Libraries. Insurance Terms 101 We thought it might be fun and helpful to look at a few of the most common insurance terms, what they mean, and the differences between US and UK definitions. Why Proptechs Should Offer Renters Insurance Over the last several years, more and more industries are turning to technology to improve, streamline, and create convenience for all parties involved, not just consumers. The Summer Edition - See What’s Hot at Trov this Summer The last few months of summer have been busy and quite exciting. Embedded insurance is all the buzz - not just at Trov A Bite-size Summary of InsTech London’s Embedded Insurance Report Embedded Insurance is trending and is all the buzz in the insurtech and innovation communities From Embedded to Invisible Insurance Where Trov’s embedded and invisible insurance fit on the engagement continuum and how they’re enabling modern insurance distribution. Cohort 2 Partner Blog Listing Trov Adds Five New UK Partners Utilizing Trov's Embedded Renters Insurance Technology Along with Hamilton Fraser, Trov is adding four new UK proptech partners who will integrate Trov's embedded renters insurance into their existing product offering. Precious Purchases During the Pandemic The global pandemic has changed the world and how people live and behave in countless ways, including purchases made for the home. Trov’s US Renters Insurance Product, Underwritten by Markel* Following the success of our all-digital renters insurance technology in the UK, we’re bringing our ‘powered by Trov’ renters insurance to the US! Partner Profile: Love To Rent At Trov, we get to work with many fascinating companies doing great work, and we’re delighted to profile the first Onboarding Embedded Insurance with the Trov API At Trov, we make it simple for companies to embed insurance into their existing digital product experiences. See What’s Blooming at Trōv this Spring It has officially been Spring for a month now, a time for new beginnings and budding new ventures. Trov, the Embedded Insurance Company Today, we announced a first wave of companies who will use Trov’s capabilities to offer insurance - embedded within their digital applications. Trov partners with Zoom EV bringing safety to the forefront of shared EVs Even more big news from Trov Mobility! Today, we announced the further expansion of our Mobility Insurance Platform into the United Kingdom Benjamin Hindson Joins Trov Mobility We’re off to a great start this year, particularly in the UK, as Benjamin Hindson, former VP at Marsh, has joined our Mobility team as Insurance Solutions Manager for Europe. Supporting Seamless & Sustainable Mobility with UFODRIVE The past few weeks have been rather exciting for our Mobility team and, today, we’re delighted to share even more good news. Future of Mobility Poll Series: The Final Results As we reflect on 2020 and kick off 2021, it’s important to take in what impacts COVID-19 has had, and will continue to have, on industries across the globe Taking Our Relationship with Free2Move to the Next Level Today, we announced that we will continue working with Free2Move, PSA NA Car Sharing Solutions’ Washington D.C. based program, for a third consecutive year. Trōv Mobility Proudly Introduces Risk Operations For most industries, 2020 has been a year full of unusual twists and turns. However, despite the challenges, shared mobility has continued to thrive. Our Future of Mobility Poll Series Continues As the COVID-19 crisis continues, we remain curious about it’s impact on the future of the mobility industry. Future of Mobility Poll Series: The Results Are In! It’s obvious that the mobility industry has been heavily impacted by COVID-19. Since lockdowns began On-Demand Insurance arrives in Brazil, powered by Trov & Sura We’ve been working together with Seguros Sura Brazil for the past several months and together we will be the first to bring on-demand Trōv Mobility launches a Rapid-Quote Program for Last-Mile Delivery Insurance Today, the Trōv Mobility team is announcing the launch of a Rapid-Quote Program for Last-Mile Delivery Insurance, designed to help get more delivery drivers on the road in the United States. Trōv and Zerology Team Up The Trōv Mobility team has been hard at work building new features for our insurance platform while fostering new and exciting partnerships. Risk as a Competitive Advantage With rising scrutiny from investors and an increasing number of competitors, many tech industry leaders are feeling the heat when it comes to profitability. The 3 Personas of Emerging Mobility Leaders from a variety of industries – including those at the forefront of mobility – have long anticipated 2020 as a benchmark year for measuring progress. Our GM of Mobility, Ian Sweeney, Pops the Hood on Trov’s Mobility Insurance Platform Trov’s Mobility Insurance Platform enables emerging mobility services by providing context-sensing insurance to reduce total cost of risk through data. Welcome Amanda Blanc, Senior Advisor I’m really pleased and honored to welcome Amanda Blanc to Trov’s team as Senior Advisor. Partnering with Sompo to Bring Mobility Insurance Technology to Asia Today, we announced our expanded partnership with Japan’s leading P&C insurer, Sompo. Halifax Renters - Powered by Trov Last week Halifax, a leading financial institution and prominent member of the Lloyds Banking Group released an innovative Renters insurance application A Deep Dive Inside Trov's White-Label Renters Insurance Application Today, we’re ecstatic to finally share the details of our end-to-end white-label renters insurance application that launched this week New Powered By Trov Application Reimagines Personal Auto Insurance Pilgrim’s Progress… The Trov Insurtech Chassis Last week, we announced the launch of our insurance technology platform We’ve jumped in the front seat with our new partner Groupe PSA’s car-sharing service, Free2Move In late 2018, Groupe PSA, the second largest car manufacturer in Europe (sold under the brands Peugeot, Citroen, DS, Opel, and Vauxhall), launched their U.S. car-sharing service, Vehicle Ownership Losing Ground to Ridesharing, Survey Shows On-demand technology has altered consumer behavior forever. It’s what makes Netflix normal, Lyft easy, and Spotify a must. Trov + Waymo: Accelerating Trov’s Bigger Picture Today, I’m delighted to – finally(!) – tell you about Trov’s partnership with Waymo, Alphabet’s self-driving technology unit Trov Secures $45M in Series D Financing to Accelerate Global Insurtech Innovation NOTE: Full announcement press release can be viewed HERE 25.5 Million in Funding and Official Global Launch of Trōv On-Demand Insurance! Today is a BIG day. Futureproofing - Preparing to Embrace The Next Wave of Technology The rate of technological change is staggering. Today, thanks to the Internet’s commercial birth roughly 20 years ago We’ve partnered with Suncorp Insurance in Australia! Today, we’re delighted to officially announce our partnership with Suncorp Insurance in Australia. We’ve been working together for several months now to prepare for our launch in Australia. We Closed a $6.5M Financing and Added Facebook’s Dir. of Analytics to our Board Today, I’m happy to announce that we closed a $6.5 M financing round andadded two new Board Members: Ken Rudin, Director of Analytics at Facebook and Sean Park Trōv Closes Series B Funding Today Trōv announced the completion of its Series B funding, bringing the company’s total capitalization to $6.8 million.