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Taking Our Relationship with Free2Move to the Next Level Today, we announced that we will continue working with Free2Move, PSA NA Car Sharing Solutions’ Washington D.C. based program, for a third consecutive year. Trōv Mobility Proudly Introduces Risk Operations For most industries, 2020 has been a year full of unusual twists and turns. However, despite the challenges, shared mobility has continued to thrive. Trōv Mobility launches a Rapid-Quote Program for Last-Mile Delivery Insurance Today, the Trōv Mobility team is announcing the launch of a Rapid-Quote Program for Last-Mile Delivery Insurance, designed to help get more delivery drivers on the road in the United States. Trōv and Zerology Team Up The Trōv Mobility team has been hard at work building new features for our insurance platform while fostering new and exciting partnerships. Risk as a Competitive Advantage With rising scrutiny from investors and an increasing number of competitors, many tech industry leaders are feeling the heat when it comes to profitability. The 3 Personas of Emerging Mobility Leaders from a variety of industries – including those at the forefront of mobility – have long anticipated 2020 as a benchmark year for measuring progress. Our GM of Mobility, Ian Sweeney, Pops the Hood on Trov’s Mobility Insurance Platform Trov’s Mobility Insurance Platform enables emerging mobility services by providing context-sensing insurance to reduce total cost of risk through data. Vehicle Ownership Losing Ground to Ridesharing, Survey Shows On-demand technology has altered consumer behavior forever. It’s what makes Netflix normal, Lyft easy, and Spotify a must.