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Embedded Digital Insurance Products

Trov enables companies to easily embed digital insurance products within their own branded experiences. By providing a modern, seamless, and all-digital experience we allow companies to generate recurring revenue, increase customer loyalty, and improve retention.Trov offers a portfolio of insurance products for your customers’ every life stage and situation. Today, we provide Renter Insurance that includes contents and liability and we are currently working on a Landlord digital product. In 2022, we are rolling out Pet and Home Insurance and during 2023 we will be launching Small Business and Personal Auto. All of our products are powered by Trov’s technology and designed to provide a seamless, simple, and convenient way for your customers to purchase all of their insurance needs. 

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Trov currently provides two implementation approaches for embedding Renters Insurance: Embedded via API or end-to-end White-label. For companies looking for a plug & play solution to rapidly get to market, Trov’s custom branded white-label solution gives partners everything they need to distribute insurance without worrying about many of the insurance and technical hurdles. This includes policy onboarding, management, claims, and reporting. For a more integrated and customizable experience, partners can leverage Trov’s developer-friendly APIs and UX libraries to get to market quickly and effectively. Furthermore, partners can play an active role in defining the most suitable coverages for their community of customers.


Other products

We are currently working on an embedded Landlord insurance product that will launch shortly. Our product is designed to protect landlords from risks associated with their rental property including buildings and contents insurance, theft, and also landlord-specific covers such as property owners’ liability, loss of rent, and property disputes insurance. Our Landlord product will be available to our partners in the same way as our Renters product: Embedded via API or end-to-end White-label  

To learn more about our suite of embedded insurance products and how you can get started with trov, drop us a line here!