Onboarding Embedded Insurance with the Trov API

At Trov, we make it simple for companies to embed insurance into their existing digital product experiences. With years of experience launching digital insurance products with multiple carriers across several regions around the globe, we know what it takes to effectively and efficiently get to market. We’ve meticulously reviewed insurance and technology requirements for launching digital insurance products and broken it down into a simple process for companies.

In this post, we’re providing an inside look at how we do this with an overview of the Trov API onboarding & launch process. It enables partner product and engineering teams to control the front-end user experience and leverage the Trov API for all back-end server requirements. Trov also has a Plug & Play white-label experience, which requires no front-end development by partners and will be covered more in future posts.

All phases of Trov onboarding

Phase 1 of Trov onboarding

Phase 1: Opportunity (2-4 weeks)

The opening phase is a chance for us to meet, get to know each other, and clearly define the opportunity, including the insurance product, market opportunity, and technical implementation. Many companies we work with have little experience with insurance, so in this phase, we clearly break down both the details of the insurance product as well as what may be required from a licensing perspective. Furthermore, we’ll provide detailed examples of user flows, using our UX libraries, and our API documentation to rapidly bring product and engineering teams up to speed on the implementation. Finally, we’ll cross some t’s and dot some i’s with a contract, and then get going!

This phase can be complete in as little as a couple of weeks and the output is:


  • Insurance product confirmed 📄
  • Technical requirements & GTM confirmed 💻
  • Commercial agreement signed 🤝


Phase 2 of Trov onboarding

Phase 2: Licensing & Product (0-4 months)

Phase two is an optional phase and is dependent on the specific insurance product and licensing requirements. If a partner would like to go to market with an insurance product that we currently have available, encoded on the Trov platform (Renters, Fleet+), then we can move very rapidly to launch. If partners would like to launch an insurance product that is not currently available on the Trov platform (ie: small business), then there may be additional time built-in depending on where it lands in our insurance product roadmap. This phase also serves as an opportunity for our partner to review and pursue appropriate insurance licenses, depending on requirements. The output of this phase is:


  • New insurance product(s) encoded to Trov APIs 📐
  • Regulatory & licensing approach confirmed


Phase 3 of Trov onboarding

Phase 3: Design and Development (1-3 months)

Phase 3 is when the real action begins, as we will give partners full access to our APIs and UX guides. Our API documentation and UX libraries will provide everything needed to launch and support an end-to-end digital insurance product. The Trov team will also be there to support your front-end development team to ensure effective implementation. Furthermore, we’ll take this time to ensure any operational requirements are clarified, including associated financial reporting and support. The timing of this phase can vary but should be able to go live within 1-3 months. The output of this phase is:


  • Live embedded insurance product 🛠
  • Operational processes in place 🔄


Phase 4 of Trov onboarding

Phase 4: Launch and Grow (ongoing)

The most exciting phase is, of course, once the embedded insurance product is live. Customers will begin to purchase policies and your recurring revenue will grow. Trov will continue to provide support to ensure ongoing product performance. At Trov, we take a long-term view of our partnerships, and in most instances, the first product launch is just the beginning, and we serve as a partner to enable the launch of additional digital insurance products in the future. The output of this phase is:

  • Policies and recurring revenue grow 📈
  • Confirm next insurance product in roadmap 🛣
  • 🍻

This was just a peek at our onboarding process and we’d love the opportunity to dig into the fine details with you by way of the Opportunity Phase. To book a demo or consultation on how Trov can enable your company to launch embedded insurance products, contact us here.

The Trov Team