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Precious Purchases During the Pandemic

The global pandemic has changed the world and how people live and behave in countless ways, including purchases made for the home. During 2020 and throughout the pandemic, people have heavily invested in items to make their homes feel more comfortable, healthy, and productive. This change has made flexible contents cover essential for consumers to consider and a rapidly growing opportunity for digital companies to provide.  

We discovered quite a bit of interesting data points worth looking at to understand how these changes impact renters and the industry as a whole. With many people at home, whether WFH, schooling from home, or just adhering to quarantine rules, many people purchased items to make life at home endurable and even pleasurable. Most purchases land in the following categories: office equipment, technology, gym equipment, and pets. All expensive to purchase and replace if damaged or stolen.


As the world returns to normalcy - back to work and school, plus opportunities to travel for business and holiday - valuable purchases made during the pandemic boost the need for renters insurance. Offering flexible contents insurance has never been more accessible or more relevant. Trōv's insurance technology enables companies to launch and support branded renters insurance with exceptional customer experience via a white-label, embedded, or affiliate program; and allows you to deliver renters insurance within your native app and customer journey. 

To learn more about how you can easily offer flexible contents insurance to your customers, visit our UK Renters page.