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Partner Profile: Ideal Flatmate

At Trov, we work with many companies that are shaking up industries and challenging the norm. We’re delighted to work with and profile our 3rd in a series of partners taking advantage of Trov’s embedded insurance technology. 

Ideal Flatmate, headquartered in London, is the first flat-sharing site dedicated to helping renters find the right flatmates. The company was established by co-founders Tom Gatzen and Rob Imonikhe in 2015 with the drive to connect renters with better flatmates. Ideal Flatmate continues to be passionate about helping its users not only find a fantastic flat but also choose people to share part of their lives with.

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What makes Ideal Flatmate Different:

Ideal Flatmate is unique because it places the renter’s desires, personality, and preferences into the flat finding process. Finding the right flat is so much more than finding the right location with the right amenities; it’s the whole package. Driven by the desire to make flat-sharing better and easier for everyone, they help users find flatmates they match with. Ideal Flatmate does this by placing people and personality at the heart of the flat-sharing experience. Part of the process is filling out a short questionnaire about living habits, the answers of which allow Ideal Flatmate to match its users with ideal flatmates in a given area.


Why Trov partnership: 

Trov embedded insurance technology enables Ideal Flatmate to offer all-digital renters insurance to its customers easily. Our technology enables any company with a digital presence to conveniently offer insurance quoting, binding, managing, billing, and claiming from their existing native apps and websites. The ultimate benefit is to the customers by making it simple to get protections they otherwise would have to seek outside of the rental experience.  To learn more about our UK Renters Product, please visit our website


The Trov Team