Partner Profile: Love To Rent

At Trov, we get to work with many fascinating companies doing great work, and we’re delighted to profile the first of a series of partners taking advantage of Trov’s embedded insurance technology. Love to Rent is a Build to Rent portal for those looking to rent a high-quality property in a modern development or a home across England and Scotland. Founded by entrepreneur Anne-Marie Brown in 2017, Love to Rent focuses specifically on the Build to Rent market - homes built explicitly for renters and owned by professional companies - and is for renters looking to find secure, flexible, high-quality home

Love to Rent poster

What makes Love to Rent Different:

Love to Rent focuses exclusively on the Build to Rent market, whereas the traditional property portals don’t differentiate between buy to let and other private rented homes. Love to Rent was developed for those who choose the flexible lifestyle of renting and believe that everyone should have access to a secure, well-maintained home regardless of their ability to purchase. All of Love to Rent’s properties, irrespective of budget, provide quality, security, and a professionally managed service. In addition, the customer has complete control over the length of tenancy, providing the flexibility important to the modern renter. A few other perks include pet-friendly options, communal space, gardens, lounges, and work-friendly areas - promoting community and a chance to meet the neighbors.

Why Trov partnership:

Trov embedded insurance technology enables Love to Rent to easily offer all-digital renters insurance to its customers. Our technology enables any company with a digital presence to conveniently offer insurance quoting, binding, managing, billing, and claiming from their existing native apps and websites. The benefit is to the customers by making it simple to get protections that they otherwise would have to seek outside of the rental experience.

Interested in learning more about our UK Renters Product? Please visit our website. Want to learn more about Love to Rent? Visit their website here.

The Trov Team