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Partner Profile: OpenBrix

We are excited to profile OpenBrix, a modern UK property platform and the 2nd in a series of companies taking advantage of Trov’s embedded insurance technology. OpenBrix is a property platform and app that connects all the key players in the property lettings and sales market on a single network.  Founded by Shahad Choudhury and Adam Pigott in 2018 and headquartered in London, OpenBrix is changing the world’s first agent-led challenger property portal that provides secure & transparent information. OpenBrix allows property owners, property managers, home buyers, landlords, and renters to openly connect, communicate, and transact freely on a single network.


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What makes OpenBrix Different:

OpenBrix is the property platform and app for the new generation. OpenBrix offers an innovative and transparent community, with a level playing field for all Estate Agents. Using Blockchain technology, each agent becomes the community where the community runs the platform. OpenBrix genuinely supports its customers (the agents) whilst also providing exciting new advances and incentives for applicants, users, buyers, and tenants. For tenants and property agents, OpenBrix offers exceptional services, including a community-controlled portal, a fully white-labeled digital portable passport that stores all tenant rental information, and secure document storage, to name a few.  The overall experience for both the tenant and agent, all in one place, is what differentiates OpenBrix. 


Why Trov partnership: 

Trov embedded insurance technology enables OpenBrix to offer all-digital renters insurance to its customers easily. Our technology allows any company with a digital presence to conveniently offer insurance quoting, binding, managing, billing, and claiming from their existing native apps and websites. The benefit is to both customers and OpenBrix. Customers gain by making it simple to get protections that they otherwise would have to seek outside of the rental experience, and OpenBrix receives additional revenue and increased customer loyalty.


To learn more about how you can get started with embedded renters insurance, check out our UK Renters page


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