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Insurance Terms 101 We thought it might be fun and helpful to look at a few of the most common insurance terms, what they mean, and the differences between US and UK definitions. Why Proptechs Should Offer Renters Insurance Over the last several years, more and more industries are turning to technology to improve, streamline, and create convenience for all parties involved, not just consumers. A Bite-size Summary of InsTech London’s Embedded Insurance Report Embedded Insurance is trending and is all the buzz in the insurtech and innovation communities Precious Purchases During the Pandemic The global pandemic has changed the world and how people live and behave in countless ways, including purchases made for the home. Future of Mobility Poll Series: The Final Results As we reflect on 2020 and kick off 2021, it’s important to take in what impacts COVID-19 has had, and will continue to have, on industries across the globe Our Future of Mobility Poll Series Continues As the COVID-19 crisis continues, we remain curious about it’s impact on the future of the mobility industry. Future of Mobility Poll Series: The Results Are In! It’s obvious that the mobility industry has been heavily impacted by COVID-19. Since lockdowns began Risk as a Competitive Advantage With rising scrutiny from investors and an increasing number of competitors, many tech industry leaders are feeling the heat when it comes to profitability. The 3 Personas of Emerging Mobility Leaders from a variety of industries – including those at the forefront of mobility – have long anticipated 2020 as a benchmark year for measuring progress. Vehicle Ownership Losing Ground to Ridesharing, Survey Shows On-demand technology has altered consumer behavior forever. It’s what makes Netflix normal, Lyft easy, and Spotify a must. Futureproofing - Preparing to Embrace The Next Wave of Technology The rate of technological change is staggering. Today, thanks to the Internet’s commercial birth roughly 20 years ago