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Embedded Digital Insurance Products Trov enables companies to easily embed digital insurance products within their own branded experiences. By providing a modern, seamless, and all-digital experience we allow companies to generate recurring revenue, increase customer loyalty, and improve retention. Introducing Today, we’re excited to announce the first public release of, our central resource all about how to easily launch embedded insurance products using the Trov API and UX Libraries. Onboarding Embedded Insurance with the Trov API At Trov, we make it simple for companies to embed insurance into their existing digital product experiences. Trōv Mobility Proudly Introduces Risk Operations For most industries, 2020 has been a year full of unusual twists and turns. However, despite the challenges, shared mobility has continued to thrive. Trōv Mobility launches a Rapid-Quote Program for Last-Mile Delivery Insurance Today, the Trōv Mobility team is announcing the launch of a Rapid-Quote Program for Last-Mile Delivery Insurance, designed to help get more delivery drivers on the road in the United States. Our GM of Mobility, Ian Sweeney, Pops the Hood on Trov’s Mobility Insurance Platform Trov’s Mobility Insurance Platform enables emerging mobility services by providing context-sensing insurance to reduce total cost of risk through data. Halifax Renters - Powered by Trov Last week Halifax, a leading financial institution and prominent member of the Lloyds Banking Group released an innovative Renters insurance application New Powered By Trov Application Reimagines Personal Auto Insurance Pilgrim’s Progress… The Trov Insurtech Chassis Last week, we announced the launch of our insurance technology platform