The Fall Edition - See what we've been up to

It is that time of year when we naturally look back on the year, and at the same time, begin to look towards a new year and what's next. Here at Trov, we continue to develop new products to make it easy for companies to provide Embedded Insurance Products to their customers. Read on to see what we have been up to the last few months.


In September, we announced our first public release of docs.trov.com, our central resource on how to launch embedded insurance products using the Trov API and UX Libraries. Check out the full blog post, or head over to docs.trov.com to take a tour yourself.

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Contents Insurance Study Revelations

Contents insurance remains a high priority for companies offering insurance and consumers alike. In October, in partnership with The Tenant's Voice, Trov conducted a study on the behaviors of UK renters and their perspective on contents insurance. One of the key aspects that the study revealed is where people purchase contents insurance, which further supports the need for embedded insurance. Embedded insurance allows modern proptechs, property management companies, and landlords to provide a highly beneficial product to tenants while generating recurring revenue and increasing customer loyalty and value. Read the full results of the study and learn more about embedded insurance. 

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What's next as we head into 2022

The trend for embedded insurance distribution will continue with more and more companies looking for ways to integrate insurance seamlessly into their core offerings and as a way of generating additional revenue streams from their customers. As we wrap up the year and look to the next, we continue to work on additional embedded products to launch in 2022.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements.

The Trōv Team