Trōv and Zerology Team Up

The Trōv Mobility team has been hard at work building new features for our insurance platform while fostering new and exciting partnerships.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Zerology, a cutting-edge technology company that helps consumers find convenient, eco-friendly ways to get around.

As we celebrate the news, we also want to share the two aspects of the partnership that most excite us:

1. Sustainability

The official definition of sustainability is “to meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations ability to meet their own needs through the lens of economics, social, and environmental principles”. At Trōv, we take this topic very seriously.

With the transport sector accounting for 29% of CO2 emissions in the United States, it’s imperative that the mobility community acts quickly to improve these numbers and aid in the fight against climate change.

The team at Zerology are intimately familiar with these facts and, as a result, have dedicated themselves to helping cities become thriving, sustainable communities by enabling on-demand access to emission-free transportation. Their platform will enable affordable access to 100% electric vehicles through an intuitive mobile application - starting in Madison, Wisconsin. Shree Kalluri, Founder & CEO of Zerology, has chosen Madison as the company’s inaugural location due to the city’s healthy economy and long standing reputation as one of America’s most desirable places to live, work, and raise a family. His vision goes well beyond the city limits as he aims to make the world more sustainable - one city at a time.

On behalf of the entire team at Trōv, I must say that we’re delighted to work with companies that are equally as committed to sustainability.

2. Data

According to The Economist, data is now the world’s most valuable resource. We wholeheartedly support this view and have built a platform to leverage the vast amount of data produced by the connected world to effectively and efficiently power shared mobility platforms by providing them with real-time risk intelligence and right-sized insurance.

The Zerology fleet consists of 100% connected electric vehicles - specifically Tesla Model 3s. The data that this connected fleet produces is incredibly valuable and informs a bespoke commercial insurance product - powered by Trōv. This represents a unique moment in time for the mobility industry as Trōv becomes the first insurtech company to leverage Tesla’s connected vehicle data to power a commercial insurance product.

With Trōv’s technology platform, the Zerology team will be able to measure their fleet risk profile in real-time, providing them with better risk mitigation and avoidance capabilities. Lower risk results in lower costs, ultimately making Zerology’s business more economically sustainable and allowing them to focus on their broader ecological mission.


Trōv is continuing to grow its Mobility Insurance portfolio and, now in partnership with Zerology, will be leveraging the platform to build a benchmark for more sustainable mobility fleets in the US.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Mobility Insurance Platform, check out our mobility page or reach out to us at