Trōv Mobility launches a Rapid-Quote Program for Last-Mile Delivery Insurance

Today, the Trōv Mobility team is announcing the launch of a Rapid-Quote Program for Last-Mile Delivery Insurance, designed to help get more delivery drivers on the road in the United States.

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The COVID19 crisis continues to evolve around the world, and governments continue to request that citizens stay at home to reduce the spread of this highly infectious disease. As we settle into this new dynamic, the need for last-mile delivery services and drivers continues to grow. Those sheltering in place need essentials delivered to their homes, gig workers are out of work due to reduced demand for their services, and fleets of vehicles are sitting around unused.

To support our community during this crisis, we’ve worked with several U.S.-Based Insurance Carriers to reduce one of the most challenging barriers to entry for platforms that are launching or scaling a delivery business with gig drivers - Getting Insurance.

We’ve assembled a dedicated team to fast track the quoting process for commercial auto-insurance for delivery, which can often take weeks or months. The goal is to enable delivery platforms to onboard new drivers quickly, so they can focus on delivering essential items to those in need during this difficult time.

More about the program:

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If you’re a delivery platform, an OEM, an auto dealer, or any type of business with a fleet of cars and you would like to make them available for delivery, we can help. Our dedicated team will fast-track the quotation process for you, in partnership with our Insurance Carriers in the United States.


P.S. Do you need help with other components to launch your delivery business? We can connect you with our network of 3rd party providers for other critical business capabilities such as fleet management software, vehicle connectivity and driver vetting.

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