Trov partners with Zoom EV bringing safety to the forefront of shared EVs

Even more big news from Trov Mobility! Today, we announced the further expansion of our Mobility Insurance Platform into the United Kingdom through a new partnership with Zoom EV (, a British e-mobility brand with an innovative approach to car sharing.

Trov logo with Tower Bridge

Zoom EV’s platform allows members to share their personally owned electric vehicles, and acts as a channel for auto-dealer networks to showcase the benefits of EV ownership and monetise idle vehicles. This unique approach, enables dealerships across the United Kingdom to share their electric assets, generating revenue, reaching and identifying new customers, and fostering a more sustainable business model.

Now, with the help of our Mobility Insurance Platform - which powers a bespoke context-based commercial insurance program - these vehicles will be fully covered while in use on the Zoom EV Car Share Platform reducing the risk for both the dealership and the renter.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic began, car dealerships were looking for ways to innovate. The current crisis has only increased the pace at which auto-dealer networks need to change in order to thrive, whilst also introducing an environment where owned vehicles are sat idle and moving less, at considerable cost to owners.

We’re proud to support the experienced, innovative, and truly inspiring team at Zoom EV do their part to fight climate change by encouraging EV use and adoption across the nation.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Mobility Insurance Platform and the value it provides to commercial fleet operators in the UK and beyond, check out our mobility page or reach out to us at